11 Multi-touch and Touch events Javascript libraries

Touch screen devices are ruling the mobile platform nowadays. Most of the smart phones have it, tablet and based on the trend, it’s slowly come to our desktop as well. To develop a touch screen compatible web applications or website, you can use the existing touch events of the browsers or the platforms.

There are two ways to create a touch support app – native or using the web development technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript). It’s possible to develop an app for mobile devices using web technologies, for example, we can use third party development tools such as PhoneGap to compile a web app and make it available in different web apps. Good thing about web technology is – almost all of them support the same standard. So, this time, we have collected many javascript extension and plugins that allow you to integrate touch gestures into your mobile app. We listed out events and some other useful info just to save your time.

Events: Touch, Tap, Double tap, Hold, Fingers, Swipe, Swipe Up, Swipe Right, Swipe Down, Swipe Left, Drag
Other features: Built-in jQuery-like methods. It uses $$ to avoid conflict.
File size: 13KB minified
Standlone: Yes

Hammer JS
Events: Tap, Double tap, hold, drag, transform (pinch)
Other features: Javascript library focused only for multi-touch gestures
File size: 2KB minified
Standlone: Yes

Events: long press, drag, pinch, rotate, swipe
Other features: jQuery plugin for webkit browsers and browsers that support outch events
File size: ~2.72KB minified
Standlone: No, need jQuery framework

Mootools-mobile Events: Swipe, pinch, touch hold
Other features: Touch events are separated into different files.
File size: 
Standlone: No, need MooTools

jQuery doubletap
Events: Touch, Swipe, Tap, Double tap, Swipe left, Swipe Right, Swipe up, Swipe down
Other features: No android support yet
File size: 4KB
Standlone: No, need jQuery

Events: Orientation change, Pinch, Rotate, Swipe move, Swipe in multi direction, Swipe with 1,2,3 fingers, Tap with 1,2,3 fingers, pinch open, pinch close, shake in different directions
Other features: Bundled with many gestures and useful events
File size: 16KB minified
Standlone: No, need jQuery

Touch Swipe
Events: Swipes in 4 directions, 1,2 fingers touch
Other features: Allows swiping and page scrolling
File size: 25KB
Standlone: No, need jQuery

Events: Tap, Long Tap, Double tap, touchable move, touchable end
Other features: Unifies touch and mouse events
File size: 1.96KB
Standlone: No, need jQuery

Events: touch start, touch end, touch end, touch move, mouse down, mouse up, mouse move
Other features: PhoneGap and mobile web friendly
File size: 612 bytes minified
Standlone: Yes

Events: Drag
Other features: Uses CSS3 animations, built-in many drag features
File size: 16KB
Standlone: No, need jQuery

Events: Tap, Double tap, Swipe, Flick, Pinch, Pinch arrow, Pinch widen, Pinch end
Other features: Jester makes recognising gestures on DOM elements really easy
File size: 25KB
Standlone: Yes



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