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Xcode for mac是Mac OS系统以及IOS系统开发者专用于构建 Mac OS X 及 iOS 应用程序的完整工具集 – Xcode 5 的工具经过重新设计,它们的性能更优秀、使用更容易,能带给用户前所未有的助益。Xcode 5.1.1 具有全新的用户界面,而且它赖以构建的技术也得到了充分的验证。一方面,苹果公司自身就是通过这些技术构建 Mac OS X 以及 iOS;再者,开发者利用这些技术已生产出超过 25 万个 Mac OS X 及 iOS 应用程序。



Xcode 7.1 beta — New Feature Highlights
• Xcode supports developing for new hardware, including new iOS devices and the new Apple TV.
Resolved in Xcode 7.1 beta — IDE
Interface Builder
• Fixed “Editor > Canvas > Show Intrinsic Size Constraints Contributing To Ambiguity” when there is content
priority ambiguity for the selected views using Auto Layout in the Interface Builder canvas. (19689060)
• Explicit layout margins set on UIStackView in Interface Builder are now properly reflected at runtime.
• Dashed constraints can indicate a priority lower than 1000. (15990914)
• Constraints show badges to indicate their relationship and ratios. (15991257)
• Improved visibility of selected constraints. (22092490)
• Previously, if your iOS app embedded a watchOS app and you had a framework for both iOS and watchOS
embedded in each app, your project would fail to build when you performed the Archive action. This has
been fixed. (22183332)
Known Issues in Xcode 7.1 beta — IDE
Interface Builder
• The resize knobs for subviews of UITableViewCells in tvOS Interface Builder documents may be offset from
the actual frame of the view. (21622210)
Workaround: Use the View frame editor fields in the Size Inspector to set the frame.
• Xcode's debugger may fail to attach to Today extensions running on some iOS devices. (22495840)
• Detaching the debugger from a running app may cause the app to hang. (22493459)
• The “Debug > Simulate Background Fetch” menu item will initiate two background fetch events each time it
is selected when debugging an app running on an iOS 9 device. This issue does not affect the simulator or
other iOS versions. (22077789)
• When launching Xcode or another tool that uses the simulator, additional Apple Watch devices may be
created, even if they are not needed. (22508374)
Workaround: Manually delete the extra devices from the Devices Window or by using xcrun simctl
delete <Device UDID>
• Xcode may be unresponsive on initial build and run to watchOS Simulator. (22581694)
Workaround: Have the simulators booted before doing build and run.
• For tvOS development and distribution on device, a new tvOS Provisioning Profile is required which supports
the set of entitlements available on the tvOS platform. Xcode will automatically generate a new tvOS
provisioning profile for development when clicking Fix Issue. (22615762)
• Copying and pasting Interface Builder elements from iOS documents to tvOS is not supported. (22364902)
• Home Screen may crash on subsequent boots of the sim after renaming Xcode. (22496946)
Workaround: Do not rename the Xcode 7.1 Xcode-beta.app.
• Cmd-shift-h in the Apple TV Simulator does not activate the TV button. (22489802)
Workaround: Use the TV button on the simulator remote instead.
• UI test recording is not available for tvOS applications. (22577683)
• tvOS Playground can not be created. (22526745)
Workaround: Follow these steps
1. From the File menu, select New->File…
2. Select Source from the tvOS sidebar
3. Select Playground
4. Click the Next button
Or, create an iOS Playground and then change the Platform to tvOS in the Playground Settings section
of the File Inspector.
• Full support for the tvOS Simulator Runtime requires the final release of OS X 10.11 El Capitan or newer
versions of OS X. The runtime is supported on OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 with limited capabilities. Developers
running on Yosemite will not be able to pair the Apple TV Remote with the tvOS Simulator Runtime.
• The display of Apple TV Image Stacks in Xcode does not quite match the display of Image Stacks on the
device. (21804994)
Workaround: Verify the Image Stack when displayed on an Apple TV or in the Apple TV Simulator.
• Apple TV Image Stacks in Xcode, when previewed, will tilt incorrectly in response to mouse movement.
• Address sanitizer may not work for watchOS apps. (19789677)
• TestFlight uploads for Internal Testing will not be supported in this release.
Resolved in Xcode 7.1 beta – Swift 2.0 and Objective-C
Swift Language & Compiler
• Array slices with a non-zero lower index are now correctly displayed in the Swift REPL and LLDB's “po”
output. (22373053)

Known Issues in Xcode 7.1 beta — Swift 2.0 and Objective-C
Swift Language & Compiler
• Declaring multiple global variables in a single var or let may cause corruption of their values.(22207407)
Workaround: Declare each variable using a separate var or let.
• Using switch against multiple types with as patterns may cause a memory leak. For example, avoid this
kind of switch statement:
switch x {
case let a as A: …
case let b as B: …
case let c as C: …
default: …
Workaround: Rewrite the code to use if let a = x as? A statements instead of switch. This
pattern performs type checks that avoid the leak. (22587077)

Xcode 6为开发者引入了一种全新的设计和开发应用的方式,深度支持Swift编程,开发者不仅能使用100%的Swift代码来创建一款崭新的应用,还可以向已存在的应用添加Swift代码或框架,并在Swift或Objective-C中查看文档。诸如“Jump to Definition”、“Open Quickly”等在Swift中均能很好地工作,甚至Objective-C的头定义在Swift语法中也能良好地呈现。


现在,开发者在使用Interface Builder设计界面时,能够实时地预览代码效果。当程序运行时,自定义对象将在设计时展现。当开发者修改自定义视图代码时,Interface Builder的设计画布则会自动更新,而无需任何的构建和运行操作。

此外,其所包含的API还支持向IB Inspector添加参数来快速修改视图,甚至开发者还可以预先填充示例数据视图来让界面更加准确。而支持UIKit大小类的iOS脚本则能够让开发者为所有iOS设备开发单一的通用脚本,不仅能为特定的设备尺寸或方向进行行为选择,还可以保持接口的一致性,且易于维护。

新增View Debugging功能

Xcode 6实现了此前备受开发者期待的View Debuger。现在,调试应用UI就像单击那样简单,开发者可以轻而易举地看到为什么一个视图可能会被裁剪或隐藏,并在Inspector中检查和调试约束及其他参数。当然,Xcode还包含了其他新的调试工具,比如调试Gauge来监控I/O用法、增强版的iCloud Gauge等,而Debug Navigator也将显示更有用的信息,包括栈框架记录和块队列等。



CMD + N: 新文件; CMD + SHIFT + N: 新项目; CMD + O: 打开;

CMD + S: 保存; CMD + SHIFT + S: 另存为;

CMD + W: 关闭窗口; CMD + SHIFT + W: 关闭文件


CMD + [: 左缩进;CMD + ]: 右缩进;

CMD + CTRL + LEFT: 折叠;CMD + CTRL + RIGHT: 取消折叠;

CMD + CTRL + TOP: 折叠全部函数;CMD + CTRL + BOTTOM: 取消全部函数折叠;

CTRL + U: 取消全部折叠;

CMD + D: 添加书签; CMD + /: 注释或取消注释;

CTRL + .: 参数提示; ESC: 自动提示列表


CMD + : 设置或取消断点;

CMD + OPT + : 允许或禁用当前断点;

CMD + OPT + B: 查看全部断点;

CMD + RETURN: 编译并运行(根据设置决定是否启用断点);

CMD + R: 编译并运行(不触发断点);

CMD + Y: 编译并调试(触发断点);

CMD + SHIFT + RETURN: 终止运行或调试;

CMD + B: 编译;

CMD + SHIFT + K: 清理;

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